The Collaborative for Children and Families (CCF) works together to offer compassionate and comprehensive, high quality wellness

and healthcare for children and families through a network of resources rooted in the communities we serve.

Who We Serve

We put children and families first, prioritizing the total wellbeing of Medicaid eligible children who have faced significant challenges to their physical, social, and emotional wellness. Together, the member agencies of the CCF serve more than 35,000 children each day in foster care, preventive, mental health, educational, and residential programs.

Where We Work

CCF supports children and their families in New York City, Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau counties. We have strong relationships in our communities rooted in decades of dedicated service.

How We Help

Our care managers work in partnership with a strong network of experienced organizations to coordinate the best resources and services available for Medicaid eligible children and their families, empowering them to achieve their goals for health, success, and independence.