History & Vision


AsOne was founded to develop a new framework for healthcare delivery by establishing family as the nexus for health, with a goal of shifting systems away from addressing one client or patient at a time to entire families. The IPA has been funded through the NYS Behavioral Health VBP Readiness Grant, a multi-year initiative designed to enhance provider readiness for a Value-Based Payment (VBP) environment. It includes network providers serving low-income and high need populations and now offers a comprehensive range of health and social services, including primary care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, foster care and preventive services, education, care management, and support for social determinants of health for children, adults, and families.

The overarching vision of AsOne remains establishing a quality healthcare system that operates seamlessly to deliver whole-person care. The aspiration is to act “as one” in providing healthcare services, emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness. Ultimately, AsOne aims to transform the landscape of healthcare for both children, adults, and families. The approach focuses on making the family the central point for health, with the goal of improving the health and lives of entire families simultaneously. By doing so, the IPA aims to break the cycle of co-occurring illnesses and ailments that often affect high-risk families and communities. AsOne’s vision is to create a healthier, more resilient society, one family at a time.

Over time, AsOne’s strategies have had to reflect the reality that Medicaid is an individual insurance product and that family members are not often in the same plan.  Further, reflecting fiscal realities of sustainability, AsOne recently was acquired by the Collaborative for Children and Families (CCF) – a robust network of children serving agencies.  These two factors serve as potential drivers to broaden the initial vision and strategies of the IPA, especially with opportunities for Medicaid funding for social determinants of care on the near horizon.





Join us in making the Empire State a healthy & safe place for all children & their families.