November 21, 2022

A “Two-of-A-Kind” Partnership Aims to Redesign Whole Person Care for Medicaid Families in New York!

[November 15, 2022, New York, NY] –[The Collaborative for Children & Families, Inc. (CCF) and the AsOne HealthCare IPA, LLC (AsOne)] announced that they have integrated their organizations in a joint venture. They intend to deliver sustainable care through a new organization with unparalleled size and scope and improved health outcomes for children, adults, and their families remaining community-based, evidence-based, using population health approaches.

A key driving force behind this partnership was to establish a treatment focus on the family to break the cycle of co-occurring illness that often afflicts high-risk families and communities in New York. As illustrated by New York’s anticipated 1115 Waiver Demonstration, it has become evident that the existing healthcare system fails to adequately enable family-based approaches to treat patients with complex illnesses and co-morbid conditions. Currently, Medicaid does not enroll family members on the same insurance plan and Managed Care Organizations do not group families together for treatment or cost analysis.

Value-based care models have slowly worked their way to the forefront of behavioral health discussions, as the pandemic highlighted the connection between behavioral health and other aspects of health care. The pandemic also illuminated the disparity and access to behavioral healthcare in many communities, making it difficult to access. “We believe that this synergy between CCF and AsOne is an essential step towards addressing the crisis and helping to improve access and care for children and families not only for this generation, but ultimately bending the care and cost curve over time,” said David Woodlock, AsOne’s Board Chair. Now siloed care can be a thing of the past.

“Healthcare providers tend to focus on an individual patient’s diagnosis and family involvement is often only for decision-support. Both CCF and AsOne believe that the delivery system of the future must integrate behavioral health and primary care in the context of the whole family. The new partnership will look to accomplish this by connecting providers who understand the importance of comprehensive intergenerational care,” said Jodi Saitowitz, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCF and Interim Acting Executive Director of AsOne.

About CCF-CCF is an organization owned and operated by 25 community-based providers and is designated as New York State’s largest lead Health Home Serving Children with over 15,000 enrollees, over 45 subcontracted Care Management Agencies (CMAs) and is also a designated Children’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) provider in the downstate region. CCF was established in 2014 by a coalition group of innovative CEOs and Executives with decades of experience in New York City’s Child Welfare System and other downstate child serving systems of care.

About AsOne AsOne’s mission is to provide primary care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, care management, and social determinants of health assistance in a unified family-based treatment approach aimed at servicing intergenerational and complex health needs.