June 13, 2017

Health Homes are Changing the Medical Paradigm


Treating illnesses, be they physical, mental or developmental, have historically been done in a reactionary manner.  Health Homes are changing that by providing patient-centric care management, a universal and holistic approach to ensuring individual children are treated as such, individuals.  

CFF, the official Health Home for New York City, Long Island and Westchester County, offers:

  1. Comprehensive Care Management
  2.  Care Coordination and Health Promotion
  3.  Comprehensive transitional care from inpatient to other settings, including appropriate follow-up
  4.  Individual and family support, which includes authorized representatives; and
  5.  Referral to community and social support services if necessary.

Comprehensive Care Management

CCF will identify and ensure that medical, mental health, chemical dependency, and other social services are provided to qualifying children and families.  By assessing all the different avenues necessary for holistic child health and wellness, we ensure our children get the treatments and services they need to grow into the best adults they can be.   

Care Coordination and Health Promotion

The Collaborative for Children and Families, CCF, is accountable for engaging and arranging for the provision of services for chronically-affected children.  Further, CCF monitors child treatment and progress, as well as evaluates potential needs for expanded care.    By focusing on the individual child, our patient-centric methodology provides a level of engagement previously unavailable to high-need youth, such as:  Prevention, Wellness Advocacy, Behavioral Health Treatment, Care Provider Transition and Foster Housing.  

Every child is evaluated, and then CCF helps to generate an Individual Plan of Care specific to that child.  Our proprietary database further allows professionals to coordinate care among each other, bringing the latest technology to aid in your child’s treatment.  

Comprehensive Transitional Care

CCF has a system in place with hospitals and residential/rehabilitation facilities in our network to provide prompt notification of an individual child’s admission and/or discharge to/from an emergency room, inpatient, or residential/rehabilitation setting.  

Patient & Family Support

The Individual Plan of Care created by CCF is not without feedback.  We work closely with both medical professionals, and families, to ensure the Plan of Care is actionable by all adults in the child’s life.  The plans are updated to reflect patient and family preferences, supporting self- management and self-help.  

Referral to Community Support Services

The CCF Health Home identifies available community-based resources and actively managers appropriate referrals, access, engagement, follopw-up and coordination of social services.  

Health Home Eligibility & Appropriateness

It is the responsibility of Care Managers to ensure that a child continues to meet Health Home eligibility and appropriateness criteria.  

Health Home management services are designed to provide an intensive level of care management for children who are in need of such.  Chronic conditions criteria, such as being in foster care, under 26, being in the juvenile justice system; do not alone/automatically qualify a child for a NY Health Home.  

To find out more about our eligibility criteria take this quiz. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.