June 13, 2017

Youth over 18 on Medicaid are eligible to self-enroll with CCF

Liberated Youth learning about the CCF Health Home

If you or someone you know isn’t receiving the medical treatment they need for a chronic mental or physical issue, there are options.  

We know the world can feel like an unforgiving place, but you’re not alone.  For young adults and youth between the ages of 18 and 26, CCF is able to coordinate the care for Medicaid-enrolled youth who suffer from at least TWO chronic conditions or a single qualifying condition.  If you’re unsure whether you or someone you know may qualify for Health Home assistance, we can help.

Single qualifying conditions

HIV – Any child who is HIV positive

SED – Severe Emotional Disturbance.  See our article:  What is Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)?

Complex Trauma – Trauma that occurs repeatedly, cumulatively and even inflicted by multiple actors.  In family environments, ongoing physical and sexual abuse qualifies.  Molested children and abused teens who experienced childhood trauma.  

Qualifying Chronic Conditions

TWO or more chronic mental or physical health conditions will also qualify a liberated youth for CCF assistance.  These illnesses must be professionally diagnosed.  

Chronic conditions encompass a wide range of ailments:


Chronic physical conditions recognized by NY Health Homes include:

Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Pediatric Epilepsy, severe Asthma, Childhood Diabetes, Leukemia, and other life-affecting diagnoses.   

Teen Mental Illness

Chronic mental conditions recognized by NY Health Homes include:

Childhood Schizophrenia, ADD & ADHD, Acute Anxiety, Down Syndrome, Pediatric Bipolar Disorder and Childhood PTSD.  


Additional factors affecting healthy child development also qualify children and families for CCF assistance.  Children who have underwent:

Foster Care, Childhood Trauma, Teen & Child Abuse, Child Exploitation, Teen Alcohol Abuse, Child Maltreatment or Neglect, Molestation, or any other type of trauma-inducing events.  


If you currently do not have health insurance, and are a New York resident who suffers from either a single qualifying condition, or two or more chronic conditions, contact CCF today.  Simply fill out our Refer a Child form and submit it to get the help you deserve.